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In-Vivo Sunscreen Testing

Solarlight SPF In-Vivo Testing

In-Vivo Sunscreen Testing: Real-World UV Protection Assessment

Our In-Vivo sunscreen testing services utilize a solar simulator to replicate UV emissions from the sun, providing realistic evaluations of sunscreen product effectiveness. Our tests are conducted on paid human participants, applying sunscreen and UV exposure to small areas on their backs to determine the product's protective performance. We offer optional 40-minute and 80-minute water resistance tests for comprehensive analysis.

We adhere to a range of respected methodologies and standards, such as FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, ISO24444 (In-Vivo SPF Testing), ISO18861 & 16217 (Water Resistance Testing), and ISO24442 (UVAPF Testing).

Cutting-Edge Equipment for In-Vivo UVA/UVB Testing

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures accurate and reliable In-Vivo testing results:

  1. Model 601 Multiport SPF Testing 6 Output Solar Simulator - This advanced solar simulator allows for efficient and precise In-Vivo UVA/UVB testing of sunscreen products. Learn more about its capabilities here.

Choose our expert In-Vivo sunscreen testing services for the most reliable and comprehensive evaluation of your sunscreen products in real-world conditions.

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