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In-Vitro Sunscreen Testing

In-Vitro Sunscreen Testing: Accurate UVAPF UVA/UVB Ratio, Critical Wavelength, and Broad-Spectrum Analysis

Solarlight SPF In-Vitro Testing

Our state-of-the-art In-Vitro testing services accurately measure sunscreen absorbance within the 290nm to 400nm range, calculating essential metrics such as In-Vitro UVAPF/UVA/UVB Ratio, Critical Wavelength, and Broad-Spectrum results.


We adhere to internationally recognized methodologies and standards, including FDA2011 Broad Spectrum, ISO24443:2021 In-Vitro UVAPF/SPF & Critical Wavelength, Assessments to Japan Star Rating and Boots 2008.

Advanced Equipment for Comprehensive Sunscreen Evaluation

To ensure the most precise and reliable results, we utilize cutting-edge equipment in our testing process:

  1. Model SPF290-AS Automated UV Transmittance/SPF Analyzer - This high-performance analyzer streamlines the assessment of sunscreen absorbance and SPF values. Learn more here.

  2. 4" (10cm) 100W Pre-Irradiation Solar Simulator Kit Model LS1000-4S-009 - This powerful solar simulator kit enhances our ability to analyze sunscreen products under simulated sunlight conditions. Discover its capabilities here.

Trust our expert In-Vitro sunscreen testing services for the most reliable and comprehensive analysis of your sunscreen products.

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