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Assesses sunscreen absorbance (290-400nm range) on a substrate to determine In-Vitro SPF, Critical Wavelength, and Broad-Spectrum results. We can test according to various methodologies/standards.


A solar simulator assesses sunscreen effectiveness on paid human participants by applying products and UV exposure to small back areas. 

Zinc Oxide Powder

Specialized Testing: Static In-Vivo, Water Resistance, Zinc Assays ,In-Vitro Broad Spectrum

At present, our testing services are exclusively dedicated to sunscreen products containing Antaria Pty. Ltd.'s ZinClear XP Zinc Oxide and/or ZinClear XP Dispersions. We specialize in evaluating the effectiveness and performance of these specific formulations to ensure full compliance with relevant regulations. Our capability's include: 

  • FDA 2011 Broad Spectrum

  • ISO24443:2021 Determination of Sunscreen UVA Photoprotection In-Vitro”

  • AS/N25 2604:2021

  • Assesses to Japan Star Rating

  • Assesses to Boots 2008 Star Rating

Sunscreen Safety

Full FDA
Service Partner

We have partnered with leading equipment supplier Quark Photonics Pty Ltd Solar® Light


Dr Philip A Marshall (FRACI, CChem) has over 40 years international and domestic experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. 

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